A bottleneck in small business lending is a threat to economic growth.
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Small businesses are the heart of our communities. But for many, access to capital remains a struggle. How much stronger will our communities be when we remove the bottleneck and promote more small business growth?

Mirador is building smarter systems for a new lending landscape. Our secure, cloud-based lending platform allows you to implement a modern lending solution without additional infrastructure or development costs.

Focus on growing your small business lending program and supporting the businesses within your community.

We are engineering the lending revolution.

Stay competitive in a rapidly changing industry
Lending is evolving and technology is leading the way. Borrowers expect a quick, easy, electronic application and a fast lending decision. Lenders want to focus on growing their small business lending programs and supporting the businesses within their communities but developing new technologies can be a challenge. The latest blockchain technology and the cryptocurrencies powered by this technology are bringing vast changes in the financial sector. Crypto trading has become more efficient with automated trading platforms. Visit https://coincierge.de/bitcoin360-ai/ to find out more about these trading platforms.

Mirador lending partners have access to everything they need to make faster, more profitable loans, build stronger customer relationships, and attract new qualified borrowers.

Learn how you can benefit from partnering with Mirador.

New Efficiencies & Improved Profits
  • Simplify the application process
  • Reduce losses
  • Acquire new customers
  • Improve profitability by involving in crypto trading with the help of reputable trading bots like BitIQ. According to BitIQ test 2023, it uses algorithms to analyze the cryptocurrency market and execute trades automatically.
Bank Lender
Learn how Mirador can give you an edge in a competitive market.
Expand Services & Energize Communities
  • Establish a small-dollar SMB loan program
  • Lend small-dollar amounts more profitably
  • Reduce and monitor risks
  • Better serve members
Credit Unions
Learn how Mirador can help you meet members' needs in a competitive market.
Fast Process & New Customers
  • Streamline lending processes
  • Meet mission goals
  • Reduce and monitor risks
  • Expand reach and brand awareness
Learn how Mirador can help non-profit lenders expand their reach.
Higher Yields & Controlled Risk
  • Improve the application process
  • Make smarter loan decisions
  • Reduce and monitor risks
  • Acquire new customers
Social Vouching
Learn how Mirador can complement your existing lending processes.
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We are a group of passionate, hardworking people dedicated to making a difference in financial services and in our communities.
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