A small business lending bottleneck threatens the U.S. economy.
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Limited access to safe and fair capital is the fundamental issue keeping our country's most hardworking, visionary, and talented entrepreneurs and businesses from reaching their true potential. Despite strong GDP growth in the past seven years, SMB lending has shrunk by more than 30 percent.

Mirador is here to change that.

We are here to make the lending decision about more than just a credit score or account balance—but also about the person, the idea, the passion, and the potential. We are here to return lenders to their role as community partners who foster growth, instill trust, and explore possibilities within their communities.

We are here to make the lending ecosystem work smarter, faster, and more cohesively. This allows it to fund more individuals and businesses, to create more jobs, and to improve our communities.

We are here to engineer the lending revolution.

Small Business Lending Needs Better Algorithms and Data
You want to say yes to small business customers. But your current credit process is telling them "no". So they're taking their business elsewhere.

Mirador's modern, web-based lending platform can help. Our algorithms leverage big data and machine learning principles to help you review, grant and monitor more small business loans in a fraction of the time it currently takes. Explore the benefits of the Mirador platform:

A Better Loan Experience
  • An online application that takes minutes
  • Instant lending decisions based on reliable business metrics, not just credit score
  • Access to multiple lenders through a single application
Small Business Owner
Learn how much easier it is for small businesses to find the right funding with Mirador.
New Efficiencies & Higher Returns
  • Reduce origination costs
  • Approve more loans
  • Find and retain profitable customers
  • More accurate risk management & compliance
Bank Lender
Learn how Mirador can give you an edge in a competitive market.
Fast Process & New Customers
  • Streamline lending processes
  • Ongoing loan monitoring
  • Boost lead generation for new customers
Learn how Mirador can help non-profit lenders expand their reach.
Social Networks & Support
  • Leverage community intelligence
  • Supporters can vouch for borrowers
  • Socially guaranteed loans
Social Vouching
Learn how Mirador brings others into the conversation.
The Mirador Platform: How it Works
Our web-based software uses cutting-edge machine learning techniques and data services to accurately assess the risk of small business loans. Built with bank security and compliance, it fits seamlessly into any lender's infrastructure.
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About Us
We are a group of passionate, hardworking people dedicated to making a difference in financial services and in our communities.
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